You improve where you track.

In corporate world it is a well-known fact that to improve business performance you need to start tracking and recording current performance first. The same applies to personal finance. If you care about your finances – merely tracking how you spend money will improve your financial situation. Tracking transactions will reveal facts that may not be obvious right away.

While it does require certain discipline. It is much easier than most people think. Bank statements are imported. I find twice a month is enough for myself. It takes me 15-30 minutes. This includes reviewing budget adherence and analysis. Moneyble automatically assigns imported transactions to the budget buckets based on previously statement upload.

Moneyble can also round transactions to the nearest $5 or $10. If you spend $13.45 on lunch – it is the same as spending $15. Don’t let unnecessary details bog you down. Focus on the big picture – total month spending vs total month income. Automatic Rounding can be turned ON or OFF.

The main point: Managing personal finances can be fun if you make it simple. You don’t need to collect and keep receipts. Manual entry is slow and unpleasant but you don’t need it anymore. If you use cash a lot – you may want to create one summary entry by week or however often you want. Scheduled transactions can cut transaction entry in half.

Budgeting is key to Financial Independence. Try to stick to your budget every month. Do a well-balanced budget. Don’t put all the money into savings account – this is not sustainable in the long run. Your budget should always include Entertainment/Fun/Hobby category.