What can be better than Excel or Google Spreadsheet for tracking personal finances?
The answer is – Nothing. Excel is the perfect tool. It is flexible. It is fast. And it is functional.
If you only could import bank statements and Excel would automatically assign transactions to correct category.
If you could enter transactions from a mobile app on your phone and then transactions would magically sync with your Excel spreadsheet.
If only Excel would automatically copy formulas down when you enter new transactions.

Moneyble is Excel-inspired windows app. It looks just like Excel but because it is an app it has some additional features like easy bank statement import that automatically assigns transactions to categories and transaction entry from a smartphone.
Moneyble is built as a set of interconnected personal finance spreadsheets wrapped in a windows app.
You don’t need Excel to run Moneyble.

Moneyble can be used for simple personal budgeting. But if you want more it has many advanced features.
We searched the internet for the best personal finance Excel templates and built them into Moneyble.
Easy – Fewer clicks, faster results.
Functional – All personal finance needs in one app.
Configurable – You choose what/how to track.
Secure – Does not require online banking passwords.

Did I mention – Moneyble is free. Yes, it is absolutely free. No adware, no trial versions, just fully functional application. If you like it – donations are much appreciated.

Excel-style Transaction EditingQuick Editing
Excel-style spreadsheets for quick transaction edit and review with pre-built formulas. All accounts appear on one screen. Less scrolling, more turf to work on.
Bank statement import eliminates manual transaction entry. Moneyble will automatically assign transactions to your budget categories.
Advanced BudgetingAdvanced Budgeting
Budgeting is key to financial independence. Moneyble provides all kinds of built-in dashboards to show you how you are tracking against a set budget: budget to actual, period over period, same period last year, income to expense ratio, etc. All formulas can be switched on or off. Keep it simple – yet functional
Scheduled TransactionsScheduled Transactions
Monthly bills and paychecks can be scheduled. Moneyble will create these transactions automatically at defined intervals. You will never miss your credit card payment due date again. It also creates 30 day cash forecast to help you plan.

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Other features:

On-the-go transaction entry from a smartphone
If you are using cash or for some reason you don’t have access to bank statements – enter transactions from your smartphone when it happens/where it happens.
Currently only Android and Blackberry 10 devices are supported.

Loan & Mortgage tracking
Everything you need to know about your mortgage or other loan.
Forecasting and what-if analysis showing how extra payments can help you become mortgage free faster.
It may be an eye opener to see how even a slightly lower interest rate on a mortgage may result in substantial savings over time. Get yourself prepared for the next mortgage renewal negotiation.

Net Worth Dashboard
You will see how your nest egg is growing and how to make it last. It is especially useful when you will accumulate a couple of years of transaction history. Uploading a year or two of transaction history into Moneyble may also reveal some new facts and will let you make better decisions in the future.

Your employer or insurance company may reimburse you for certain expenses. When traveling for business you may want to track your meals, transportation, hotel, etc. separately from you personal expenses. Moneyble makes creating and tracking expense reports a piece of cake. You can see how much you can submit and how much your employer/insurance owes you once you have submitted your expenses. This functionality can be turned on and off and configured for specific needs.

Special Investment Projects
Sometimes it is convenient to keep certain gains or losses separately from your regular budgets. It could be an investment project or serious house renovation or any other major spend or income. You can track how much you have invested in that particular project and how much you earned.
Again. This functionality can be turned on and off and configured for specific needs.

Data Protection
Data is stored in local files on your PC. You can chose to turn on password protection. This will encrypt Moneyble data files. It can be convenient if you install Moneyble on your business laptop which other people can access via corporate network. Moneyble uses one-way encryption which basically means that – nobody can view your financial data without a password even if they got access to your files. So don’t forget your password.