Budgeting 101

Budgeting starts with assessing current state. You need to gather all (or most) of your current transactions from recent months on a single spreadsheet. Then you can decide what budget categories you need. And how much approximately you need to set aside for particular budget for each month.

Reviewing transaction history is the first step in understanding your spending habits. You will see where you overspend and how to maximize savings.

Once all accounts are set up in Moneyble – download bank statements of ALL accounts for certain period: 6 month minimum. More is better.
Import all statements into Moneyble one by one starting with the earliest statement.

When doing statement file import – You have to first map columns in your statement file to columns in Moneyble Transactions spreadsheet. This is done once per each account/statement file format.


Important: Always start with the earliest statement, i.e. if you have Jan-Jun statements – first upload Jan, then Feb, etc. until you reach your most current period. Then repeat this process for next account.

Note: first statement upload may take time. You will be making associations between places where you spend and your budget categories for the first time (unless it is already done in your statement – some banks have smart online banking).
Second statement upload will probably take a lot less time as most of the lines in the statement were already associated and will be automatically assigned to Budgets.

If you are tracking finances in Excel/Google Spreadsheets or another program already. You can copy/paste from your existing spreadsheet. You just need to adjust your column order in Excel / Google so that it matches column order in Moneyble Transaction screen. You might need to add empty columns in your spreadsheet to accommodate for different spreadsheet structure.


Once columns are matched, select cells in Excel, click Ctrl + C. Go to Moneyble -> Transactions screen. Scroll to the bottom of the grid. Click Arrow Down to enter a new line. Click Ctrl + V to paste data into Moneyble Transactions spreadsheet.